I’ve been getting reorganized lately, cleaning up a lot of digital clutter like email inboxes with lots of unread emails, apps with notifications, bookmarks, open tabs in multiple browsers, accounting receipts, and tons of other “mental clutter”.

I’m doing all this in preparation for restructuring my life, building new passive and active income streams, and starting up my solo music career (I’ve been in a duo for a long time and still am).

While in this phase, it sometimes gets frustrating that you’re not achieving everything on your to do list, only the “declutter” and “organizational” activities but not the real income building tasks which may seem to be moving slower.

It’s important to take time and be patient, while still moving forward on tasks which you deem important but not letting these get in the way of your re-organization.

Today, I looked at my Tasks which are all organized using emojis so I can better sort them quickly when looking at them, and I have myself a pat on the back for taking the time to make this system.

I looked at my emails and out of the 8 accounts that I use, there are only 20 unread emails which was at well over 800+ just a few days ago.

My notifications on my phone are under control (I optimized which apps I really need them from and which I don’t), and all my apps are now organized so I have two pages maximum, with the first page being apps I use the most and the second page being all Categorized Folders sorted by Application Type (e.g. image Editing, Health, Finance, Books, Games, etc)

My phone is also freed up of space and I’ve transferred a hunch of large videos from Filmic Pro into my computer and on my Cloud drive.

On my computer, my Mac Desktop always stays clean and displays no icons (due to a trick I will show in the future) and I have managed to clear all the 50+ tabs I had open across Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and save the links for the ones I wanted to keep in an online bookmark storage website called Booky.io which I highly recommend.

All this, and yesterday I made an ad on Kijiji to try and get new studio clients but this morning I was feeling down because I hadn’t gotten any sales yet on my new making money initiatives including the studio gigs.

Then, suddenly today I got a call and returned it. It was a potential client!

The client called back and wanted to do a couple hours of recording tonight!

Great news! And a step in the right direction.

The important thing here though is that this morning before I got the call, I was feeling a bit down because I hadn’t been making any money yet but I decided to reprogram this feeling and let it go. Instead, I decided to appreciate what I had done so far and be patient and trust the processes and the new lifestyle that I’m building.

It’s important to take the time to focus on really cleaning up, decluttering and reorganizing your life so you can move forward without any baggage from the past.

Appreciating the steps we’ve taken and at the same time taking new steps in the right direction is crucial. We can’t only focus on taking new steps without appreciating the steps we’ve already take, no matter how big or how small.

On the other hand, we can’t be content with the steps we have taken but not take any steps forward otherwise we have no growth and achieve stagnation.

Finding your balance is key.

When reprogramming your Lifestyle it’s sometimes frustrating to see that you aren’t taking as many steps forward as you’d like to or as you usually would when you’re in “Go” mode

But remember that you’re building up something new, cleaning up the old, and creating processes, schedules, routines, ways of being that will ultimately influence all your moves going forward.

So it’s a very important and exciting time and you must learn to appreciate it for what it’s worth. It’s a time of redesign, allowing you to create the openings for the life you’ve always dreamed of.

A life where you can look back and know that you gave it your all. A life where you achieve what you want and more.

Look forward to new tips and tricks on how to Live a Productive Life including life hacks, secret apps I use, hidden techniques of the Ultra Successful and more!

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