I’ve been getting reorganized lately, cleaning up a lot of digital clutter like email inboxes with lots of unread emails, apps with notifications, bookmarks, open tabs in multiple browsers, accounting receipts, and tons of other “mental clutter”.

I’m doing all this in preparation for restructuring my life, building new passive and active income streams, and starting up my solo music career (I’ve been in a duo for a long time and still am).

While in this phase, it sometimes gets frustrating that you’re not achieving everything on your to do list, only the “declutter” and “organizational” activities but not the real income building tasks which may seem to be moving slower.

It’s important to take time and be patient, while still moving forward on tasks which you deem important but not letting these get in the way of your re-organization.

Today, I looked at my Tasks which are all organized using emojis so I can better sort them quickly when looking at them, and I have myself a pat on the back for taking the time to make this system.

I looked at my emails and out of the 8 accounts that I use, there are only 20 unread emails which was at well over 800+ just a few days ago.

My notifications on my phone are under control (I optimized which apps I really need them from and which I don’t), and all my apps are now organized so I have two pages maximum, with the first page being apps I use the most and the second page being all Categorized Folders sorted by Application Type (e.g. image Editing, Health, Finance, Books, Games, etc)

My phone is also freed up of space and I’ve transferred a hunch of large videos from Filmic Pro into my computer and on my Cloud drive.

On my computer, my Mac Desktop always stays clean and displays no icons (due to a trick I will show in the future) and I have managed to clear all the 50+ tabs I had open across Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and save the links for the ones I wanted to keep in an online bookmark storage website called Booky.io which I highly recommend.

All this, and yesterday I made an ad on Kijiji to try and get new studio clients but this morning I was feeling down because I hadn’t gotten any sales yet on my new making money initiatives including the studio gigs.

Then, suddenly today I got a call and returned it. It was a potential client!

The client called back and wanted to do a couple hours of recording tonight!

Great news! And a step in the right direction.

The important thing here though is that this morning before I got the call, I was feeling a bit down because I hadn’t been making any money yet but I decided to reprogram this feeling and let it go. Instead, I decided to appreciate what I had done so far and be patient and trust the processes and the new lifestyle that I’m building.

It’s important to take the time to focus on really cleaning up, decluttering and reorganizing your life so you can move forward without any baggage from the past.

Appreciating the steps we’ve taken and at the same time taking new steps in the right direction is crucial. We can’t only focus on taking new steps without appreciating the steps we’ve already take, no matter how big or how small.

On the other hand, we can’t be content with the steps we have taken but not take any steps forward otherwise we have no growth and achieve stagnation.

Finding your balance is key.

When reprogramming your Lifestyle it’s sometimes frustrating to see that you aren’t taking as many steps forward as you’d like to or as you usually would when you’re in “Go” mode

But remember that you’re building up something new, cleaning up the old, and creating processes, schedules, routines, ways of being that will ultimately influence all your moves going forward.

So it’s a very important and exciting time and you must learn to appreciate it for what it’s worth. It’s a time of redesign, allowing you to create the openings for the life you’ve always dreamed of.

A life where you can look back and know that you gave it your all. A life where you achieve what you want and more.

Look forward to new tips and tricks on how to Live a Productive Life including life hacks, secret apps I use, hidden techniques of the Ultra Successful and more!

I am watching this introduction to Airtable video that I’ve been meaning to watch for quite some time and I am very pleased with the fact that their platform introduces a way for me to organize all my data and view it in all the different forms I love.

  • Spreadsheet View
  • Calendar View (very important for scheduling)
  • Kanban View (which I use everyday in Trello)
  • Gallery View
  • Grouped View (filters based on group you select)


Watch the video above to get a great overview of Airtable and comment below on what you think and if it can be useful in helping you live a more organized, and productive life.

Why type on your phone with an Apple Keyboard you may ask?

Well, right now I am speedily typing away on my iPhone using the Bluetooth keyboard from Apple. It’s a nice slick keyboard that can fit in a backpack and is very thin and beautiful to type on.

It feels great under your fingers as you type and the real beauty of all of this is that I don’t have to whip out my computer, or laptop, to write full-length, high quality articles and blog posts.

Even if I wanted to write an e-mail to a friend that’s more than a quick hello, or a short mobile text, the best way I can think of right now to save time and be able to get more words in a faster time frame is using this Apple Keyboard to maximize my work flow.

The possibilities are endless. With the WordPress app, I am now posting to this site, a full article typed here in minutes rather than hours on my regular Apple iPhone 7 touchscreen keypad.

On top of that, I did this so quickly by just opening the app on my phone and all this with no waiting for any computer to load.

Instant typing, imagination idea capture, proposal generation, whatever you need lots of words to convey, you can do with this winning combination of the Apple iPhone and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard.

I think the keyboard may also work with other Bluetooth compatible phones including Google Phones, and Android OS systems, but you’ll have to check to see if your specific phone is compatible.

That’s all for today, check back for more and comment below if you have tried or are thinking of trying this workflow with typing on a bluetooth keyboard and connecting it to your phone for maximum speed in note taking, or whatever else you need fast, rapid typing speeds for while on the go, or at home like I am now.

It’s so incredibly comfortable and I feel like my ideas are being expressed right away as I think them and type them. This is a huge breakthrough for me and it will help in my development of 100+ websites in a fun multi-site network that I a building that has been a dream of mine for a couple years and that I have been researching so it can come to fruition.

It’s been a while and things are slowly falling in place with my Super Web Empire.

I am finally ready to start on a serious pace and have sorted out family obligations, work obligations, and have found a scheduling system and the time to devote to building this website network, which is a massive undertaking for the average person. 100+ websites is no joke, and with everything properly in place and the right model, each website can be making me some serious $$$ money.

Even if each website makes $100 per month, on average (some will be higher around $500 a month, some even higher at $2500-$500 a month, some lower, all depends on the traffic that it gets and the relevance to the market), that’s 100 websites X $100 = $10,000 per month profit.

100 websites x $100 profit per month = $10,000 /month profit

YAY! It looks good on paper. Now let’s slug it out and face the pain of building something like this with a great attitude and a plan for consistency, the most important ingredient in executing any task of considerable magnitude.

To top it off, since my background as an Internet marketer in the past has involved heavy ad spends, and eCommerce business with large overhead like warehouse costs, inventory management, and more, for this undertaking, I am deciding to do it a little more lean.

All of the sites are going to be very low overhead and will require little to no investment. I am doing this as I am tired of having to use money to make money.

In the past, I had big advertising accounts with $xxx,xxx monthly spend limits, and I had to spend $x,xxx to make $x,xxx.

For now, my website network that I will be building will not be in the same approach. Rather, I will capitalize on free traffic, and free or low cost methods to run a highly profitable business for each website.

I will be reporting all of this at my sister website -> http://www.superwebempire.com

Check out Super Web Empire if you’d like to learn the secrets of what I am doing with Internet Marketing and Making Money Online, and if you’d like to follow my progress.

I have no idea where I will end up with this, but I’m ready to enjoy the ride and learn as much as I can.

Who knows, maybe in the next 5-10 years, I’ll be a billionaire from these ventures. And in the next 5 years, by 2023 I’ll have $100,000,000 in my bank accounts.

Charity is a huge focus of mine and I’d like to do something good with the money I make or a percentage of it that helps future generations

Create their own platforms for success and drive their own trains moving forward, not necessarily just giving people money and then them coming back and needing more money and the cycle continuing.

Teaching people to fish, as they say.

Right now, I still haven’t crossed the million mark, the closest I have got is the $500,000 mark and crossing it.

My goal as a child was to be a millionaire by the age of 25. I took a slight detour and now I’m here at 32.

Let’s see what the future will bring πŸ™‚

As I sit here and dictate this post into my iPhone using the microphone audio to text feature with my son sitting in my lap, The time is 9:30 AM and I’ve just finished my morning workout, showered and ready to start my work.

This is the first day of for the following a plan that I have set for myself and only begun to realize today.

This blog will serve as motivation for me to continually follow the schedule that I have been trying to follow for so long.

See, I work for myself. And this means it’s not always easy to find time and schedule things as you would a normal job.

Because of the freedom and flexibility that you get when working for yourself, sometimes you may not optimize your time efficiently.

Even if you work for a company and do a regular 9-to-5, there are still many opportunities in which time is wasted and your goals are not fulfilled.

The goal of this website is to educate people on techniques they can begin using in their life today to make better use of their time, not necessarily by working harder or putting in more time, but first and foremost working smarter and making better use of your time.

One clear example of this is right now how I am writing this post is not by wasting time sitting and typing it, every word you read is dictated and converted to text automatically using a feature on my phone.

A little about me

Over the past seven years, i’ve generated multiple millions of dollars of revenue for my businesses. After enjoying and slugging it out in online marketing, and making a great amount of money, I decided to take a couple years and focus on music.This resulted in me producing multi platinum songs and achieving billboard status rankings for my Productions as well as receiving song writing awards from accredited institutions.

But something was missing, as I got further into this world I was living more like a starving artist and focussing on perfecting my craft. However I soon got wrapped up in daily life and repetitive tasks, and realized that I had only been focussing on one thing, music.

This was great although, humans are multi dimensional and have the ability and capacity to achieve multiple things.

I neglected my body and working out, and my online businesses grind it to a halt. All because I thought that I had to just focus on one thing.

Once I had my first child it seemed as if things had gotten more focussed on only two things, Music and baby.

While I had other cool business ideas, plans to take care of myself, eat better and work out πŸ‹ more, I found myself continually focussing on my two main things and also rewarding myself for doing a good job on both these things.

Looking back, with the things I’ve learned, The focus I have now, and the planning and research strategies I’ve developed, I realize this was a very limited view.

It’s possible to get more done and not necessarily just have to focus on one thing.

The key to this is planning, reframing your thinking, automation, and consistency.


There are only a finite amount of hours in each day. Maximizing time where you normally wouldn’t be working is the easiest solution to achieving more.

Again as I write this I still have my son in my hands. This is normally a time where most people would consider a write-off and I wouldn’t imagine getting much done, especially a long written blog post.

This is where reframing your thinking comes in. When you reframe her thinking you ask yourself different questions. Rather than simply leaving it at, “well I’m taking care of my baby, I can’t get anything done”, you could ask yourself a question:

How could I get more done and at the same time be able to spend time with my baby?

Now it’s important that you still take care of your main goal and don’t neglect it, in this case taking care of my baby is priority, with the blog post coming second. However, Second is better than none.

Let’s get back to planning. Imagine if after reframing, you find a variety of ways that you can begin using your time more effectively. Whether it’s fitting in the task during your lunch break or waking up and doing something an hour earlier in the morning, or doing something an hour before you go to bed.

Realize that one extra hour put in each day equals 365 hours over a year, or roughly 30 hours a month or seven hours a week.

If you simply put in one hour a day into an activity that you’d like to perform, or a skill that you’d like to develop, or whatever you’d like to learn, or whatever you’d like to enjoy, this means that by the end of the year of consistently doing this every single day, you have spent the equivalent of more than nine full 40-hour work weeks, doing just that one activity!

365 hours / 40 = 9.125 40-hour work weeks

Are you starting to see how powerful this is?

With just a little planning you can begin to take control of your life in shape your destiny.


The Second component towards living more productive involves automation. Automation means automatically doing the tasks that you need to fulfill your goal. This can range from anything from hiring someone else to do something to running a computer program that takes care of a task that would normally have to be done manually. Additionally, when you plan your schedule and follow through with consistency, there is a sort of automation of the mind that occurs. You become used to doing tasks that you love and that you set for yourself, and you build good habits. When you perform these tasks that benefit you, because you change your mind and body to do them consistently every day, it feels more automatic than it would if you forced yourself to do it out of the blue.

There are many automation tricks that we will discuss and I’m covered in this blog and in our guides. I’m using one of them right now with this dictation audio speech to text feature on my iPhone and it’s helping me do more with less time and less effort, no typing necessary, just a few edits here and there.


The last ingredient of living a productive life enjoying it is consistency. It is very important that you stay consistent. If you set your sights on your goal and only put in one day a year, you only get one day of results. If you put in 365 days, you will get 365 days of results.

Whether or not the results are good or bad is not the focus. The main goal is to learn from your efforts and improve daily. If you put in the time, you will eventually start to think about things in new ways. You will get tired and outgrow things you’ve tried in the first days and move on to bigger and better things and then you will outgrow these as well or improve upon them.

On this website, me and my team will give you the tools and techniques we’ve learned, to maximize your consistency and keep you on track and always moving forward towards your goals.

I hope you enjoy my posts and get the most out of your life with the advice you learn here.

Enjoy living your dream!

Here’s to taking the first step to make them a reality!

Living Productive

~ dictated from my iPhone πŸ—£πŸ“±